The original modern guitar support

Over 20 years ago, the A-FRAME started a revolution in guitar support devices and is still the most versatile guitar support on the market. It is designed so that the guitarist does not have to be in an uncomfortable position in order to hold the guitar at the proper angle. Rather, the guitarist sits how they are most comfortable and then adjusts the guitar to suit them — not the other way around!

The A-Frame Guitar Support is a device or tool for comfortably positioning an acoustic, classical or electric guitar on the thigh of the player and allowing them to easily adjust the height, angle and tilt of the guitar to make playing easier and more comfortable, thereby advancing the skill of the player. The A-Frame is a budget friendly Guitar Support and makes a great gift for any student of the guitar. It’s quick and simple to attach, easy to adjust, and easy to fold and store in the case when not in use.


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