A-Frame developer David Stevenson shows you the basic setup for the A-Frame and the different adjustment settings to get the most enjoyment and freedom out of your A-Frame Guitar Support.


Lesson: Right Hand Development Through Arpeggios with David Stevenson

Developing proficiency in the right hand (or the non-fretting hand) is an essential skill for all guitarists, and most especially for fingerstyle and classical players. David Stevenson shows you some arpeggio pattern exercises that will sharpen your skill set dramatically by increasing the dexterity and ability in your right hand! And be sure to check out how well the A-Frame guitar support works to keep him steady and focused.


Lesson: Op. 51, No. 1, (F. Sor) – David Stevenson

David Stevenson plays and guides us through an easily undertaken and accessible piece by the Spanish guitarist and composer Fernando Sor (1778 - 1839). Opus 51 No. 1. Enjoy! Notice how the unobtrusive A-Frame Guitar support makes his position and playing more enjoyable.


Lesson: “Torija” Insights – David Stevenson

David offers insights into “Torija”, composed by Federico Moreno Torroba, and plays the piece in it’s entirety. Notice how the A-Frame Guitar Support gives him stability and freedom in his playing.


A-Frame Multi Instrument Instructions


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